Nexus 4 or iPad mini?

Hello fellow Vergians, I'm faced with the decision, as you can probably tell from the title, whether to get a nexus 4 or an iPad mini.

I know they're incomparable products but I want to know your opinion based off value, which product will accustom to my needs best etc.

I have never owned a tablet before so I'm suspecting whether the mini is going to be a good first tablet, however, the lack of retina display and the A5 (Which I'm aware is still fairly powerful.) just shouts at the lack of the 'Newest and Best' and seems a bit odd considering Apple's pushing for retina in most of its products.When it comes to the price tag, compared to competitors it looks like a bit of an 'expensive' investment. However the abundance of apps, design and ergonomics make it a tantalizing buy. I would generally use a tablet for web browsing, a few apps (No hard core games as I suck at them.) and photos.

On the other hand the Nexus 4 looks like a spectacular deal; all those specifications just for 240 pounds seems to be first. A super phone for a cheap price. Based on experiences using an iPod touch and several android phones I prefer android and Jelly Bean just looks so good with its smoothness and functionality. I would use a phone for the same reasons as a tablet but also with music.

I could just grip onto my current phone (HTC Desire HD) and delve into the tablet experience now but I don't know...

If this is a stupid thread please tell me as that will serve me right for wasting people's time.

Opinions much appreciated.