Win8: Possible to sync "plugged in" and "on battery" brightness settings?

I have a Samsung Build tablet running the final version of Windows 8. The battery life on this thing is, let's say, less than optimal. As such, I end up plugging it in while using it fairly often.

The feature that really annoys me is that Windows tracks "plugged in" and "on battery" brightness settings separately. That means every time I plug it in, it reverts to the last brightness setting I had while plugged in even though that's probably not optimal for my current surroundings. In virtually all cases, I'd prefer if it kept my current brightness setting when plugging in or unplugging the device because when it changes it for me it creates an extra step where I manually have to put it back to where it started.

Does anybody know if it's possible to disable this feature and merge the two brightness settings into one? I believe this feature is largely unchanged from old versions of Windows, so old tweaks will probably still work.