I can't accept the new Terms and Conditions of Xbox... :(

Hi. As you may know there are new T&C for Xbox but I can't accept them because my account is marked as "child". When I click accept it prompts me to sing in with the parent account but I can't remember which e-mail I used as "parent" when I created my Xbox account. So in this situation I can't change any settings in my "child" account, because I have to accept the terms and conditions first, but I can't accept them because I can't remember the parent account.

Is there a way I can see which account is set as my "parent" account? I looked in http://account.live.com but no trace of parent account linked to me there. :(

I forgot to mention that I turned 18 over a year ago so I'm not a child but Microsoft hasn't upgraded my account from child to adult. Now I can't do that either.

Please help me. Thank you.