The iPad Mini's Future: A Discussion

So now that the iPad mini is out and unfortunately not named the iPad Air, I will give you my speculation on what I think Apple's strategy may be going forward and why they chose the price points they did.

The $329 spot disappointed many but I think that price is telling that they're making a premium small tablet. Not a cheap/small tablet. I like that personally, I think it leaves the door open for making a quality small tablet. I think them targeting $329 also gives them room to put a retina display in next-year and not have to spike the price.

However, for those of you disappointed by the price, my advice is to wait a year. I think its likely that apple will bump down this-years generation to $229 (possibly with 8GB). Imagine that. A $229 iPad.This may conflict with the iPod touch at $299 though, but I doubt it.

What I expect for next years line-up:

iPad Mini starting at $229

iPad Mini w/Retina Display starting at $329

iPad 2 may still exist (I think Apple doesn't know why the iPad 2 is selling well. Is it just the price? If so, the iPad Mini may rid the iPad 2 in which case:

iPad "Classic" starting at $299

iPad w/Retina Display starting at $499