Surface Screen/Glass Defect?

Hey there Tribe!

I thought I'd present you with an odd issue that I found on my Surface(s). It's pretty difficult to show, but somewhat simple to explain.

For those of you with a Surface, first run your finger along the bottom of the front panel, just on the front-side of the bottom corner. Do you feel a "wave" in the glass?

Next, turn the screen off and look at a reflection. Can you see the reflection bending and seemingly getting sucked in to the immediate right and left of the Windows flag?

This was extremely pronounced on my launch-day unit, so I took it in for an exchange (I also had battery issues). Turns out that my replacement unit has the same issue, just not quite as bad. Just about every unit on the floor of the Microsoft Store also had the same "wave" in the bottom of the glass. I brought this to the attention of the Microsoft Store staffers, and they too could see/feel what I was talking about. Even though I noticed the "wave" on the replacement unit, I went ahead and took it home.

So now I'm curious, does your Surface have this same issue? I actually have the contact information of someone on the hardware team, so if enough people notice this oddity I may ping them to see if this is intentional (Maybe they had to do this because of the magnets?) or if it is a manufacturing defect

If it would help, I can try to get some pictures up to illustrate what I'm talking about, but its difficult to get a shot of it.