Android 4.2 Camera Features [Update]

Monday, Google announced their new line of Nexus devices, with them comes a new version of Android to be known as Jellybean 4.2. There will be plenty of improvements with the added functions of the lock screen, Widgets, notifications, and extra connectivity, as well as the obviously upgraded hardware of the new devices. One area that i feel has been kinda under explained was the new Camera functions. That is until now.

Roaming around the blogosphere to various website i always found the same articles, NEW CAMERA DOES PHOTOSPHERE! This is all well and good, but i dont believe that this will be the only way people will post pictures now they have this function (god i hope im not wrong). What has been under reported has been the other Features, like the new UI or the new options and functions that will be more often used in day to day use. without further posing the problem, here i have found some answers.


Yes, might as well start with the most covered feature. Photosphere is an evolution of panorama mode that android 4.0 debuted a year ago. This time however you can take full 360 degree photos and share everything that is going on around you. needless to say, very cool addition.

Auto Focus

The new UI shows something that atleast to me looks like a dial or old school camera crosshair (not sure if theres an official name for that) as it focuses it looks like it turns and locks in place on the screen and turns green as once focus is found. Tapping the screen will allow you to change what is the subject of the photo.
Also it has Facial Recognition where it will focus on the faces of people as the camera spots them.


All of the settings appear to be do accessable from anywhere on the screen by just holding down your finger. You will be greeted by a circular menu akin to the quick settings that have been found in the android browser before chrome came around. Move your finger around and you can change Exposure, Flash, front or back facing camera, white balance and more in depth there are the scene mode, Store Location and megapixel selection.
down in the right side of the screen there seems to be a circle that gets you to all of these settings as well.

Digital Zoom

Not that its really ever recommended that someone use digital zoom, but it is available. Rather than use a slider like older iterations, you can down pinch and zoom over the crosshair circle and zoom to .1x specifics. Like i said, not recommended, but it shows more use of gestures in the way things are done.


Gallery greets you with a few more features to the ones we already have with a few new filters and the addition of frames. Now you can filter and frame to your hearts content without the need of third-party applications like Instagram. you can also share your photos and Photospheres with Google Maps, where they can be viewed by others via Google Maps and opting to see them on the map.

So there you have it. A few large additions to the camera app and tweaks to the features already there. and oh yeah, almost forgot, a new icon.

So are people happy with the new features, and are there any that you'd like to see next time around? Post your thoughts down below!

Update 11/13

One feature that appears to have been removed is the live video effects like Big Eyes and mouth and the like, as well as live backgrounds. Not a major loss as im not sure if anyone really used those practically. i personally only used them to show off the feature and make them laugh.