[Update 3] Microsoft should rename Modern UI to Flow UI, Live UI, Tiles UI, Mosaic UI or Fluid UI?

Windows Flow UI, Live UI, Tiles UI, Mosaic UI or Fluid UI? Surface UI, Metro UI

Update: I forgot that Blackberry will use the "Blackberry Flow UI" term, but I am not sure if this completely eliminates the chance of still using the "Windows Flow UI" term.

(Thanks to A Game of Privacy, ultraviol3tlux and Ah-Chai for the suggestions)

OMGitsShan sums it up pretty nice:

This is what I don’t understand!!!! Why do we still not have a simple easy catchy name when talking about the touch interface on Windows 8/RT? This just baffles me. I mean okay they can’t use Metro, fine – but when announcing that they should have turned up with an alternative.

I think Live UI is the best two choices. Not Surface because bear in mind that the touch interface will be on other OEM devices too and those wont be “Surface” devices. So by having a name and a device that is the same will cause confusion.

But yes, we certainly need a decent name!








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