Want Nexus 4 but have Verizon contract? Try this.

Like many, I have a contract with Verizon, but I want the Nexus 4. Almost a need!

So what's an Android user to do? There aren't many perfect solutions, but for me, I've found one that might work.

Suspend the line.

This is what I plan on doing for a bit. According to their FAQ, you can suspend your line without carrier billing for up to 90 days. This can be done twice a year/12months.

Essentialy, you could go half a year without using their service.

Granted, this isn't the prettiest solution by any means. It would still mean you have to pay for Verizon service for half a year.

To counter this, using StraightTalk would afford a nice enough savings that if balanced correctly, you could afford both.

This is my own plan to use since I have a year still on my contract, at which point I'll most llikey kick Verizon to the curb. Or maybe I'll keep an iPad on their LTE network....

Anyway, what are you guys decisions or plans to have your cake and eat it too?