I Just Beat Borderlands 2...What Next?

Hi guys,

So, I just beat Borderlands 2, but I am unsure what my next move should be. I am getting all DLC (season pass) a little later on, FYI.

My confusions are:

1) If I continue down the same path on the same character (i.e., not opt for True Vault Hunter mode) what are my options? Will new side-quests become available to me that are for my level? Meaning, for 30+? Or will they all be lower-level stuff. Are there still new areas to find with suitable loot and quests?

2) Does TVH mode restart the entire game, but with better loot?

What does one do? I'm all for whatever provides quests for my level and more loot. I also would like to do sidequests as well, but not if they're for level 13 characters.