Apple R&D

I was doing some research one day on Apple R & D after I was told that they spend notoriously low amounts on it. I was surprised by this because of how many interesting products they release year after year also including the fact that they design everything from hardware to software to even the connectors. Turns out Apple does spend far less on R&D than say Microsoft and Google but I stumbled upon one analysts interpretation that went something like this. Apple is a more focused company that goes on very deliberate paths and seeks to make every endeavor profitable. Microsoft and Google are in alot of ways shooting in the dark, therefore, Apple has a much more focused R&D. Some interesting news just popped up, though, Apple's R&D has increased by 40% this year alone. We have also seen almost their entire line of products get rejuvenated in pretty incredible ways. Do you think that the future of Apple under Cook is going to bring alot more devices with more ahead of the curve qualities or is Apple fighting to stay relevant by searching harder for the next big thing?