So im stuck in the iOS ecosystem & Nexus 4 wantings - Help!

Ok so I've had every generation iPhone bar the 5, seeing android develop and using it on my Transformer Infinity I've grown to love it's advances whilst my iPhone sat alongside being very stale and well boring. So I've seen the nexus 4 and I love it, and more specifically the price tag, I can sell this phone (4S) and only have to pay £40 for the 16GB version. As you can imagine over the years I have allot of ecosystem lock in, I have 150+ apps and around 2000 songs stored in iTunes (pirated of course haha) which currently fills my 32GB iPhone, so it's going to be hard lowering down to a 16GB phone again, I can't see myself using Google play music as roaming Internet speeds are too unreliable and I get inpatient with buffering I've tried iTunes Match, me no like. So I love and want to switch but just can't loose my music collection and all my favourite apps I've paid for over time, any ideas, I can afford a 64GB iPod touch and than I have an android phone and all my IOS likeness apps and music still but it seems a bit like a half hearted attempt to go android.


Anyways rage over, thoughts or advice ?

PS - sorry about the length of this :/