One mistake Microsoft made with the Surface launch

One big mistake Microsoft made was to force customers who wanted the device with a touch cover to have it only in black. Why? Well because when the device is closed, to the average joe passing by - it probably looks like a regular standard laptop, so it probably won't even get a glance. Black on one side, black on the other. The thing that stands out for the Surface is the coloured keyboard! Now if I saw someone walking with a cyan or bright pink cover, I might take a glance and act curious! It's potential advertising that Microsoft just threw away.

I know 2 people who will be buying RTs and even though they prefer the other colours, they will just stick to the black keyboard because its cheaper in the bundle. One of them is buying the 64GB and they dont even have a choice to get the tablet separately! When it comes to the 32GB version, sure they could pay a bit more and buy the tablet and keyboard separately, but they don't want to as they want to save as much money as possible. I just feel Microsoft should have given people the keyboard colour choice at purchase and not just forcing the black one on everybody. Yes perhaps the difference between the bundle offer and the tablet and keyboard being bought separately isn't that much, but it would obviously deter some people. It should have been £499/$599 with any colour keyboard you want. Imagine how many more Surface users would be out and about using the keyboard colour of their choice? Great advertsiing for Microsoft!