Mac Pro - What to do?

How would you change the Mac Pro? It's obviously in need of hardware updates, but beyond that, is there room for innovation in the tower/workstation PC sector?

Seeing how there's a trend of less upgradeable Macs, I'd like to see a lower end Mac Pro that has a i5 or i7 instead of Xeons. The Mac Pros are probably overkill for typical users, but I think the upgradability would be a welcomed feature. (That, or Apple makes a completely accessible iMac like the original iMac G5 was.)

Getting back on topic one of the more interesting designs I saw is this: the Modular Mac Pro.



Considering we now have Thunderbolt, maybe this isn't too farfetched technically. Design-wise, I'm pretty sure Apple would hate having computer parts daisy-chained together with cables.

Do you have cooler ideas or suggestions for a Mac Pro refresh?