Lets talk about the marketing.

Oh boy, Microsoft and marketing. They don't have the best track record. Take Windows Phone....when they did support it (and boy did they not support it), they were good ads that would have been good for something else. They were typical advertisements, where it was an entertaining ad that did virtually no justice for the product. Sure, Windows Phone was glance and go.....AND WHY WAS IT GLANCE AND GO MICROSOFT?

They were rolling off of 3 years of Windows Mobile VS. iPhone. For a year after I had my Windows Phone...I'd tell people it had Windows Phone.....and they'd either just plain scoff....or go so far as to say "I had one of those, and It was bad."

But they did not have a Windows 7 phone, and yet attributed WM's features to WP7's. It's been done to death over Microsoft calling it Windows Phone at all...but lets dig just a little deeper than most conversations that I've heard. We basically had the public's only exposure to the UI formally known as Metro. So calling it Windows Phone...no matter how it looked....how could it not remind people of at BEST Windows 7 for desktop....or at worst Windows Mobile.

They're advertising did nothing, absolutely nothing to signal to the public that this was a complete reboot, with fresh stylings. So the advertisements...as far as I can tell....were a complete mortal failure. They can't just have cute ads, and then throw up Windows at the end and even dream of it enticing anybody.

Of all companies....Apple could sure as shit pull that off...but they don't. They show functionality....they show use cases......

Even if it was an ad with copy that read "in the old days, app shortcuts were just dull, and static, but on Windows 8/Phone....they come alive......to show information that you decide is relevant. Your news app updates headlines on the fly.......your social apps show what's happening......(and so on and so forth) while the video is showing real examples of big name apps, with useful examples.

They need to show real functionality....and they also need to show that their product is on on par with popular features of the iPhone and Android. "All the things you need in your mobile computer....and a better way to use them."

Now....what I am convinced of...is because Windows 8 needs to succeed, and Microsoft IS Windows.....they are going to be loud. They will be louder than we can ever remember...where as Windows Phone 7 was ever a murmur at best. They can't try to be cute....and snarky.......people want to actually use these new products.

Are you concerned? I'm a little concerned that they're going to miss the point. But either way, I am enthusiastic that with Windows 8's exposure it will change the perception of Windows Phone and other Microsoft products.

Any one care to chime in?