Playstation Mobile

So I’m really liking Playstation Mobile so far. I got 4 games on a whim, and pretty much liked them all.

Samurai Beatdown:

The game is only $1, so that colors the entire review. It’s extremely simplistic. Your character runs along and you either tap on the left or the right of the screen to slash in front of you or behind you. The enemies come at you with specific timing to make this actually a rhythm game. The music isn’t very memorable, and it doesn’t always do a great job of making the rhythm you need to hit be very obvious, but …. the game is just $1. I enjoyed it. It has 5 levels and a master difficulty level once you beat them all. Each level lasts a few minutes.

Beat Slider

This is only $0.79, and it shows. It’s an extremely simplistic game. Do you guys remember those sliding block puzzles from KOTOR and a few other games? The entire game is like 20 of those, and that’s it. Many, many people hate sliding block puzzles with a passion so if you’re one of those people, avoid this game. If you like it though, this game is pretty great for the cost of admission. The unique hook here is that the blocks arrange to form a short 2-4 second beat. So by completing the puzzle you make a very short little techno loop. It’s fun for less than $1, and one puzzle took me like 20 minutes, because I really suck at these.


This is by far the best of the games I personally played. It’s $3, but it’s actually a pretty good deal because this is an old PSP game from the team that made Mr. Driller, published by Sony. The game is very similar to Tetris Attacks, but instead of rotating a pair of blocks, you rotate 4 blocks in a circular fashion to match the colors. Each of the 4 colors also corresponds to a number, 1-4. You match up the numbers for combo attacks. It’s addictive, and the game is much higher in quality than the other games I played.

Other games:

I’ve heard many people say Aqua Kitty is fun, as well as Super Crate Box. So far so good for PSM. If I can pick up a few super cheap games in addition to the full Vita games, all the better for me.

I also got Everybody’s Arcade. It’s from Sony, and it was “free” so I got it instantly.

As soon as you turn it on, you realize it’s not free at all and it has 6 games you have to pay to access, and they all looked bad. I deleted the game instantly. Don’t waste your time even downloading it.

Have any of you tried any of the other games? What do you think of the service so far?