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1: "Press Reset: Episode Six - 'Hot Scoops'" by Polygon Staff

"There was a time so very long ago, but somehow still less than a year ago, that I wondered what I'd do with all of those months facing me before the launch of Polygon.

I drew up elaborate plans for elaborate stories and plotted out research projects to fill what I assumed would be magnificent gulfs of, perhaps not leisure, but certainly journalism at a relaxed pace.

That illusion lasted maybe a week."


2: "'Gears of War' design director Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic Games" by Michael McWhertor

"Veteran video game designer Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski has left his position as design director at Epic Games, according to the company.

Bleszinski, who is best known for his contributions to Epic's Gears of War and Unreal Tournament franchises, was a 20-year veteran of the company. He's departing the North Carolina-based game studio to "chart the next stage of his career," according to a release from Epic Games."


3: "Can an 'offensive' shooter be an eSport moneymaker?" by Brian Crecente

"On the one hand Michael Schorr wants his game to attract the most serious of first-person shooter fans: The ones who play these games for a living and see virtual gun battles as a sport, not a diversion.

On the other hand Schorr and the rest of the developers at U4iA Games have crafted a game that is methodically unserious, unhooked from reality. There is no story attempting to pull together the endless, rolling online battles in their game. There is no particular theme. You can fight in space, in villages, in abandoned factories. You can fight as a robot, as a marine, as a man dressed in a giant banana suit."


4: "'Lightning Returns' will be 'the most complete and polished game' in the Final Fantasy series, says director" by Alexa Ray Corriea

"The game, slated to release next year, pits Lightning against a "new deity" in the final battle of the XIII trilogy. Toriyama said the game "will really take care to thoroughly embody the character of Lightning herself," adding that the game is much more world-driven compared to the first title's story-driven plot."


5: "'ZombiU' writers discuss three-character story and hellish London setting" by Samit Sarkar

"ZombiU takes place in a modern London stricken with a zombie plague, and the game's writers discussed that setting and story in a video released today by publisher Ubisoft.

According to graphic novelist Antony Johnston, who co-wrote the ZombiU story, the game is set in a "creepy, apocalyptic, hyper-real version of London where Hell is just around the corner." That setting gives ZombiU's developers at Ubisoft Montpellier the ability to deliver some striking set-pieces, such as an empty, unsettling Buckingham Palace."


1: "DotA 2 For The Unitiated" by Nerubian Assasin The Writer

"What's this DotA 2? Why does it have the 2 in it? Why is is constantly being compared to LoL and vice versa? I have the answers to these questions and more!"

2: "Gaming Is Changing...For The Better!" by GunFlame

"Go and find a recent review for a AAA game, and read the comments. I'll almost guarantee that you'll find someone screaming about the current state of the industry and of games in general.

Look up an article for Free to Play games, Mobile or Tablet, Social Games, and see the same comments, "Look at how the industry is failing!" Motion Control pushes, targeting large audiences, see how people are asking for companies to go bankrupt, for the industry to crash. There's a lot of doom, gloom, stupidity and nonsense."

3: "Momentum: My Idea For A Fighting Game" by PaddyStardust

"I've been thinking a lot about fighting games recently, what with the new Tekken Tag, Dead or Alive, and the numerous 2D fighters you guys talk about all the time. There's loads of different takes on the idea of "punching another dude", but I notice one feature that seems suspiciously absent from the majority or fighters, the concept of momentum."

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