A Beautiful Picture Needs An Elegant Frame

An Iphone 5 has been ordered. It will probably need a case. The thing is that I would like a case that is as beautiful or more so than the bare phone but so far most of what I've seen have been rather gaudy cases in incomprehensible shapes and patterns made out of dubious plastics or full on leather pouches. To add insult to ugly most seem to have the case manufacturer's logo and name liberally smattered across them.

People have been making fine cases and boxes for thousands of years, and in industrial quantities for the last hundred, so surely there must be a selection of decent ones for one of the most common, most expensive and most fragile phones on the market today! There are so many interesting materials suitable for cases; even if you discount more extravagant, and in some cases illegal, options like tortoiseshell or shagreen there is still a world of leathers, woods, metals and minerals out there.

Yet this is what seems to be the unwavering norm:


via cdn.speckproducts.com

A piece of Super Soaker design that even the 90's rejected as being too rad and exxtreeeme.

There are a few wood cases out there and at least one made with quilted leather but neither seems to get the details right. The bamboo cases seem to have an unsightly cut out for the volume buttons and the leather case comes with a number of small crystal insets for that added "bling".

Is it just that it's still early days for the latest form factor? Were there nice cases available for the 4 and 4S? Suggestions?