Do Atom Tablets Need More Ram?

Most Windows 8 tablets based on Intel's Atom platform are set to ship this Oct/Nov with 2gb of memory. The previews we've seen have demonstrated that the platform is at least capable under light use. What we have not seen is a large number of apps (desktop apps since modern styled apps will be offloaded when the PCs memory is full) open at the same time.

Typically I use just over 2 gig of ram while i am working at home. 2 instances of Onenote, Chrome ect. Given that when these computers are docked people are going to want to use desktop applications it could be that lots of people are often low on memory with normal use. Do you think that these Atom based tablets should have more ram? Are there considerations other than the bottom lines of manufacturers?


PS It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of anyone using a Stylistic or a motion computing on ram use