Jelly Bean & Sense 4+ on the One X: HTC finally scores

Just flashed the Jelly Bean Sense 4+ beta on my Tegra 3 One X.

All I can say is...wwwwoooooowwwww.

Let's run down the improvements:

  • Ridiculously fast and fluid scrolling, even when loaded up with all the great HTC widgets.
  • Excellent new power features and settings, with a power saving mode toggle right in the notifications shade
  • USB OTG!!
  • Love the Photos/Gallery hub - Local storage/Dropbox/Facebook/Flickr/etc sets all accessible from one screen, plus sorting by event, date, and location (shows geotagged photos in GMaps).
  • Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks shot up (Antutu:12860, Quadrant: 6406 on first run)
  • Nearly instant camera access from lock with the new sightseeing mode
  • Multitasking much improved (although this hadn't bothered me much previously, but it's definitely better)
  • Very smooth Google Now integration (just long press the home button and you're in)
  • 29FPS recording with the video camera (finally, should have been like this all along)
  • Infinite scrolling on homescreens

And lots more! Thanks HTC, and to Football on XDA for cooking up this JB Maximus ROM so quickly!