POLL: What gadgets do you use on a daily basis?

Okay so theres a big argument raging on how people use tech in the comments on the article "Apple begins iPad mini production, claims Wall Street Journal".

I was startled at the way various people use gadgets eg lots of people hardly using their smartphone at all instead using a tablet as their main internet device. I guess if the furthest you walk is from your house to your car this could make sense! Me I live downtown & I walk everywhere so the last thing I want to do is lug a tablet around as my "mobile device". Still I could easily be in a minority here since most people drive...

So heres a quick poll on how you are actually using consumer gadgets in real life on a daily basis in the year 2012:

1) Smartphone

2) Tablet

3) Laptop

4) Desktop computer

5) MP3 Player

6) HDTV (Dont tell me poeple are still using CRT TVs haha)

Happy voting!!