Console gamer slowly converting to PC gamer! (Needs Recommendations)

I haven't been much of a PC gamer until recently. I normally stick to consoles for all my game needs. Both xbox and ps3 was all i knew. Although I did play Diablo 2 and Morrowind for a bit a while back. But now thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle and Steam, PC games is just too fun for me. I can play TF2 for countless hours & I just started playing CSGO. I have a 2009 Macbook pro which don't play games well on it own so I've installed Windows 7 via Bootcamp to make up for my OSX gaming performance.

So I post to forum to get help from the PC vets to help out a PC noob. What great indie and main stream games do you recommend?

If you have some good recommendations for a gaming mouse or other accessories post those as well.