Why is Everyone so Crazy About the Galaxy S3?

Everywhere in forums, people argue and talk about the Galaxy S3. Be it "trying out android, just got a galaxy s3", "New to Android, got a Galaxy S3", "Ditching Android, hate the Galaxy S3", "Goodbye iphone, Hello Galaxy S3". Out in the street, it's 'Should I get an iPhone or a Galaxy'. The best-selling phone in the Android space is the galaxy S3. All I want to know is: why?

This post is going to be a wall of nerd rage, but I would genuinely like to know what everyone sees in this phone. I'm not trolling, I'm really confused and curious. For perspective, I have a galaxy nexus because I like Amoled and custom ROMs, though I plan to switch to the new nexus if it isn't made by samsung or LG.

It's not the design. If you like the design of the S3, you're wrong. It's not even ugly, it's dull, generic and cheap feeling and doesn't really stack up to the One X, lumia or the iphone 5. It doesn't even look good next to the S2.

It's not the display. The display is great, but it's definitely not better than other flagships, you don't buy this phone for the display. It's poorly calibrated and over-saturated, and it's pentile.

It's not the camera. Again, a great camera, but not better than what anyone else is doing.

It's not the LTE, everyone has LTE nowadays.

It's not the S-gimmicks. I sincerely hope you didn't buy your phone based on a bunch of impractical, silly looking gestures.

It's not S-voice. It isn't.

It's not the 'nature' sound set. Every time I hear the trickling water unlock sound echo through the train station, I cringe at the thought of some poor sod who hasn't found the setting to turn it off. If you willfully leave it on, just know that when you die alone, that'll be why.

It's not the hardware home button. Unless you're nostalgic about your trusty old blackberry.

It's not the menu button. unless you're nostalgic for gingerbread, but WHY?

It's not Kies. If you're that much of a masochist, why not just punish yourself with a nice LG. Or a windows phone. ZING!

It's not the cartoon colour palette. Unless you're a kid. Call me crazy, but I feel like most people like things designed for grownups. You could argue that it's playful and fun, but still.

Everyone claims to have toned down their customization and skinning, but I feel like touchwiz is the least like stock ICS.

It's not the specs. Since ICS, specs don't matter. It's the specs isn't it?

If you have a galaxy s3 why do you like it? What made you choose it over the Gnex or OneX? If you're thinking of getting one, what's making you gravitate to it over everything else? What makes it such a hot seller? Don't get me wrong, it sounds like I hate it, but I know it's a great gadget. I just don't think it's better than any other gadget, and I definitely don't think it's so much better that it should be selling like hotcakes. I really don't see it. I just want to know why. Why?