Galaxy Nexus/Razr Maxx/Xperia P/One X

Due for an upgrade later this month and struggling about what phone to get.

Half of you will rush and tell me to get the Galaxy Nexus, I'm sure, but I don't fancy it being outdated a couple of weeks after I bought it, and especially as I'm not fussed about just sticking a ICS ROM on what I get and leaving it at that. The hardware is pretty unappealing to me anyway, never been fussed about it, and the battery life seems to be pretty bad.

  • Anyway, I can get it for £400 over the 2 year period (£17 a month after redemption)

Next up is the Razr Maxx, blah blah, shite screen, I don't care. It's a step up from my Wildfire S and HD2, and so long as there is a stock ICS build up and working fairly well I think I'll be pretty happy, especially with the crazy battery life.

  • £325 over the 2 year period (£13.50 a month after redemption)

Xperia P looks nice enough, ageing hardware like the Nexus, but whatever, screen is supposedly nuts bright, and seems to be much more solidly built. Oh, and it's dirt cheap.

  • £335 over 2 years (£14 a month after redemption)

One X looks nice, fucking huge, but nice. Not sure if I could deal with it, but it's the phone that has swayed me from the SIII and Nexus because I know what better build quality I could be getting. Realised that the One S might be the perfect phone, but it's only about a 40 quid cheaper, so realise I might as well just get this instead. Sure it has a huge backing by the lads at XDA, so no worries about updates, as I don't fancy staying on the Sense ROM anyway.

  • £468 over 2 years (£19.50 a month after redemption)

Any personal stories to put me off any of the above? Seems to me that I'm not gaining anything by going for the Galaxy Nexus over the Xperia P, bar the updates, but I'd rather a phone I truly like and can baby a bit than one that I'll be able to update twice a year to get some minor changes a month or two before the people at XDA fix together a ROM.