PS3 Super Slim - My Conundrum

First off, I apologize if there's already been a post asking the same question. I flipped back a number of pages and didn't see one. If I missed something obvious, you have my permission to snort and roll your eyes.

Moving on.

My 60g BC PS3 sadly bit the dust this last summer. At the time, I was only playing one game on it (ACR), so it wasn't a huge deal. I've been itching to replace it, however, and seeing as the new Super Slims just came out, I'm questioning what system to buy (and my sanity, but that's another story).



The system looks nice, no doubt. And at $270 US, it doesn't break the bank.

From my own research, I've found out that the bundle comes with Uncharted 3 GOTY, Dust 514 (I know nothing about this game), and all the hook-up basics. It also comes with 20 days of PS+, which could be really nice (I've never had it myself, but I hear there are some great incentives for it).

Previously, I was looking to buy another older system, seeing as I still have a few PS2 games I'd like to play. However, at this point I feel those systems are just far too untrustworthy when it comes to lasting much longer, and I would feel overall more comfortable with a brand new system. The selling price is still a bit higher then I'd like, but seeing as the other new systems seem to be selling to $270, and this one comes with two games and 30 days of PS+, that is probably worth the $20 extra.

My only real other option is to keep lurking about Craigslist, waiting for a cheaper used system to pop up. The only thing is that who knows how long that could take, and I'm a bit iffy buying one from a stranger, then getting home and finding it doesn't start up properly, or that instead of plastic, the cords are make from Twizzlers (okay, so that would probably be an improvement).

Over all, this is my decision to make. I was just wondering if anyone here has a Super Slim and any helpful input to give me ^^ Keep in mind - I am an Xbox gamer first off, so I will not be purchasing any next-gen PS until maybe 2-3 years after it comes out. So simply waiting for the next Big Thing isn't worth it.

Thanks in advance!