The Fanboy Peace Treaty....

So These FanBoy Wars are tiresome...I won't lie I love a good debate, but these wars get personal and useless after a while, with people claiming opinions are facts, and just not recognizing the value of a multiple OS community. Can't we debate the pros and cons of Android, iOS, Windows Phone without well...calling each other sheep, insulting peoples intelligence, and just igniting anger over useless comments.

So I looked online and I found a simple Fanboy'm sure some of the diehards will flame this but hey I can try.

"I, (insert name here), pledge to never make a comment, thread, or post claiming that my OS, Phone, Tablet, Gadget is superior to all others. From here on in, I will treat all devices with equal respect, regardless of whether I own them or not."

If you agree, copy the treaty into your post and sign it with your username.

Lets see if we can come to some sort of peace.