Hopefully Microsoft will buy Nokia

Nokia had a chance, that had a great chance in fact to turn it around, their maps were picking up, on polls for WP8 the Lumia 920 got 80% of the vote. Things were looking up, then Elop goes and decides lets not make out phones available to everyone. Even though HTC, Apple and Samsung the 3 biggest players make their phones available to everyone. Now HTC will rule the roost of windows phone. And dont think its just in the US its also in Canada, UK, Australlia and Germany. The only country Ive heard where all carriers get the phone is Italy.

I dont want Nokias innovation and style to go down with it. They have amazing exclusive apps with City scene, Nokia transit, Nokia park, Nokia pulse, Nokia drive. I dont want those to die with Nokia. Microsoft could easily buy nokia and heres why

1. Patents

Nokia has one of the largest patent portfolios of any company it rivals that of Microsoft and Apple

2. Maps

Everyone knows Bing maps arent that great outside the united States, Nokias are great around the world

3. Carrier Connections

Nokia has connections with carriers and supply channels

4. Camera

Nokias camera technology is second to non and could bolster WP8 to the ecosystem for the Photographers

5. Nokia Music

This one isnt as noticeable but with nokia already having connections with record labels in European countries something Microsoft might need for Xbox music

Lets all hope and pray Microsoft buys out Nokia or all there amazing technology will die with it