Outlook, Gmail and a case of MicroSoft Sickness.

I have been a Gmail user since it was in beta in 2004. I actually got my account by participating in a contest to win an invite. I remember being so excited about Gmail I hated Hotmail, I hated Yahoo and there was no real alternative to turn to.

Now, almost 10 years later I have Gmail fatigue. Email has become boring. I change it up now and again I have used GMX mail, which is nice but I ended up back with Gmail after a year or so. But now with the new Outlook mail I am considering migrating again.

I am not a typically a Microsoft fan. in fact I think the only MS product I have used in the last 10 years is Skype and Xbox.

I remember the day I disowned all things Microsoft. It was a sunny September morning about 10 years ago, I had just finished putting together a reformation proposal for work that took me nearly 3 months to compose. I was making some final checks and I remember clicking "Save" in MS Word and the computer locked up. Nothing worked. I hoped that it was just a glitch and let it sit for hours and hours and nothing until I finally manually re-booted the computer, when I rebooted I was met with the greeting "Operating system not found" everything was gone. I lost months of work because of shitty software. If this was an isolated incident I could understand, but I had been dealing with the BSOD and lost more data because of windows that I had had enough. I don't know what happened but after that day I swore off Microsoft and never looked back. I became a Linux fan and eventually migrated to Mac where I can say I have been very happy. My 2008 Macbook has never, not once frozen up on me, never died on me and I have never lost a single byte of data because of shitty software.

Anyhow, this is not a Mac Vs. PC thread I just wanted to illustrate my feelings towards MS.

That whole story being said, I have to say I am pretty damn impressed with Microsoft of new. Outlook.com looks amazing, the entire design of Windows 8 and WP8 are beautiful and original the Metro UI is one of the more exciting things I have seen in Tech and I love it but I still have this ... ugggh feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever anyone mentions Microsoft.

Every time I see the New Lumina 920 I want to jizz in my pants until I see the Microsoft logo and I feel that MS Sickness ugggh feeling again. When I hear the word "Microsoft" I am instantly bombarded with visions of the BSOD, Viruses, Bloatware, 500 stickers on my new laptop, shitty hardware, shitty software, lost data, rage and frustration and so on and so on.

So, back on topic... I set up an Outlook.com account when it first launched just to secure my name but I didn't use it until today. I signed up for some web service or some such thing and my Gmail address was already in use so I threw in my Outlook.com email and I logged in to check it out. And again, I am struck by how beautiful it looks.

Minimalistic and clean. Gmail looks cluttered, old and ugly in comparison and I hate it. Because I'm a Google guy. Everything I do these days for better or worse is somehow linked to Google. I used Android, I love Android, I use Gmail, Google Docs, Google + in fact i am kind of afraid of how much Google knows about me and how much of my life they own.

Anyhow, does anyone else feel this way?

Does anyone else want to love and try the new MS products but suffer from MS Sickness?

How do you get over it?

SHOULD I get over it?

And finally, has anyone else switched from Gmail to Outlook and how do you feel about it?