Tasks organisation... Evernote or?

My working life is getting complicated. I have a dozen different tasks in partial completion, with people piling on new twists and problems and requests and deadlines. It's getting overloaded and I am saying "Oh damn I forgot about that" far too much.

I am not a naturally organized person.
I am not good at making lists, writing formal documents describing "The Plan". And "The Plan" keeps mutating anyway.

I need something to compile up my To Do list, Ideas lists, brainfarts, etc.

It needs to be extremely cross-platform. I use Ubuntu at work, I have both an Android and iPhone. I have a Windows PC at home. I am a mess of platforms to match my mess of tasks.

Currently I am messing with Evernote.
I love how it captures voice and photos, and syncs between mobile and desktop.
I love how it is fairly light. I can step in an edit and add stuff without too much rigamarole, which is critical if I am going to regularly use this.

It's main failure for me however is in time-stamping. I edit a note. Part of a task is finished. But some time in the future I will need to know WHEN I finished it. I'd love automatic time-stamping, or a note in a Calendar.
And I can see the number of Notes building up over time. I'd love to be able to easily check off a Note as Finished, and it greys out and archives away.

So, Organized People. What do you use? What is better suited?

Formal bug tracking such as Bugzilla? They get heavy, and as I said, if it gets too time-consuming and organizational then I just wont do it.

So whatcha reckon?