I love you Microsoft, but Y U No let me use Outlook.com?

I've been a Microsoft fan all my life. My entire industry is Mac focused, but I continue to push Windows. I have a Windows Phone. I've tried every beta OS right as it comes out. I always check that box that supposedly lets them improve their products by using my activity. I'm truly excited about Windows 8 and want to trade in my iPad for a Surface.

I tried Outlook.com when it rolled out two months ago, got excited and switched over my Microsoft Account email to an @live.com account and briefly saw the beautiful clean new design. I say briefly because I quickly realized that changing my email address just killed my phone. Turns out when you change your Microsoft account email address, you need to factory reset your Window Phone (losing texts, settings, everything in the process since you can't back up anymore...)

I tried changing my email back, but that ended up triggering a bug in the system that has now locked me out of my email too. Now all I get is this screen when I try outlook.com, hotmail.com, or live.com:


I've tried refreshing, flushing my cache, trying other browsers, trying other computers / OSs (even the ones in a Microsoft Store in front of a Microsoft employee) tried calling Microsoft, tried answers.microsoft.com (for a month...) and no luck. Nobody seems to want to help me out by giving me a real support ticket.

No access to emails for a month, and all my contacts are locked up too. Silver lining: I can get to Sky Drive for the 3 photos I have stored there. I have my Zune Pass grandfathered in on this account so switching isn't a welcome option.

Microsoft, I have a problem (and others do too). I just want to use your products but you won't let me. I know you have over 10 million users now, but I'm in that handful of fans left out in the dust getting slightly more jaded every day.

Thanks for reading, I just needed to vent.