eBooks: A Serious Dilemma

I'm really conflicted about choosing who I should buy my eBooks from. I'm an English major, reading plays a huge role in my life. Once I choose where I buy my eBooks from I can't really ever switch over. It's a significant decision to make.

You may advise me to just buy physical books, but I'm minimalistic to a radical degree. I don't own any physical movies or music and the only books I've held onto are the few written by J.D. Salinger. Having both apps installed is also not an option for me. I have to choose one or the other. It's just kind of the way I am.

I live in the Apple ecosystem.

I own a iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I always will. I've experimented with both Android (Motorola Atrix, Galaxy Nexus) and Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) and while I have the utmost respect for both platforms, neither are for me. iOS fits me well and I'll never leave it again. These are the devices I'll be using for the foreseeable future, so iBooks is definitely in the running.

iBooks vs. Kindle

The argument for iBooks

I'm already buying my music, movies, and television shows on iTunes. I don't have cable and the only other service I use right now for media is Netflix (which I bill through iTunes). It makes a lot of sense to buy my books from Apple as well to keep things consistent and simple.

I'm also very fond of the iOS apps. They have a very clean interface, you can buy books from within them, taking notes is a breeze, the fonts seem nicer, the amount of pages left is easily accessible. They just overall seem to be better apps.

The argument for Kindle books

Kindle's the leading marketplace for eBooks. There is a Mac app (which wold be incredibly useful for me). I'd get access to free eBooks if I subscribed to Amazon Prime. They also seem to have slightly more of an inventory, mostly when it comes to books in the public domain. I think I'd be able to lend books to people as well (right?).


To be honest, I'd prefer to buy my eBooks from Apple, but I just don't feel confident that I'm definitely making the right decision. I really hope Apple eventually comes out with an iBooks app for Mac, but I don't feel confident that they will. I'll really take your opinion to heart. I wish this was easier and the books were DRM-free.