The best thing for Google? Launch a Nexus lineup of their own...

It might be a lot to ask for & I'm not sure Google has the resources right now for building their own hardware, but creating a Nexus lineup of their own would be phenomenal. I think moving to multiple OEMs for the Nexus is moving a step backward; it's going to be a real pain in the ass to explain to people "Yeah, I have the Optimus/Xperia/Galaxy/ Nexus." I feel like it makes Google lose some brand recognition AND makes the Nexus seem like something any phone can have. Yes, I understand Google is solely software but I'm sick of all these gross phones coming out and I'm starting to lose faith in Android hardware. OEMs are competing for the thinnest, largest screen phone possible and it's starting to get out of hand. Maybe I'm just bitter because I own a Galaxy Nexus, but I also feel that the OEMs give the Nexus the short end of the stick. For example, the Galaxy Nexus specs-wise is on par (maybe even worse) with the Galaxy S2 which was unveiled like 9 months before the Nexus. I feel like the Galaxy Nexus is the bastard child of the Galaxy family and Samsung offers it 0 support, only looking out for its flagship models.

Anyways, this was my rant... I could continue but my passion fizzled a bit near the end... After hearing these rumors that LG is certainly revealing a Nexus device and there is going to be "Nexus program," I couldn't contain myself.

Google... You can do it!