The Hobbyist: Game or Film composition.

I have moved the post from chit/chat to Gaming as it would seem more appropriate regarding the subject.

I, for quite some time in my life, have been a huge fan of movie and game score compositions and their respected composers. Starting a few years back, game scores have really leveled up regarding quality and composition. Something that I really appreciate, as it brings so much more to a game's atmosphere.

My love for game scores actually started with Quake 1. Trent Reznor did a splendid job with atmosphere produced in the soundtrack.

The following article, Lack of big screen gigs lead composers to video games, by Megan got me wondering - How many of you out there are composers, particularly of the movie or game score kind - and foremost, doing it as a hobby?

I've been on SoundCloud for little more than a year now, and in that time, well mostly in the last few months, I have discovered some really great talent out there - probably because I started composing orchestral myself, that I've discovered all these wonderful composers on SoundCloud. People who, dare I say, rival well known composers.

I'm always interested in listening to other peoples work. Who or what influence them. Who they revere as favorite composer and so on.

I'm a great fan of Harry Gregson-Williams, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, John Williams, Don Davis, Basil Poledouris and Michael McCann (the list is to long to mention) and they have had a big influence on me.

With the advancements in software and PC's today, it's possible to compose complete orchestral pieces without so much as a sweat. I've never really had any training or schooling in music, but can say that I have an ear for music. This has helped me quite a lot in my learning curve over the years.

I'm particularly fond of trailer music, so here they are - the following is my work, starting from newest to oldest composition.:

We will prevail


Ghost in the Machine

From Ashes

I'm still learning and experimenting as I go from song to song.

Please do share your story and thoughts as well as your compositions. Be it game music or for film.