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It's Friday, October 5th and this is El Shauno, coming to you from the auxilary Console Room here on Polynauts Central .

It's been an interesting week here in the community, lots of positive stuff () and unfortunately some disappointing stuff too (Resident Evil 6) - but fear not as Salias will soon give you a breakdown on his hands on experiences at the EB Games Expo in Sydney, Australia with games such as PS All Stars Battle Royal, Metal Gear Solid Rising, WiiU amongst others!

I'm sure he'll make it as exciting (no pressure) as only an American living the dream in Australia can!



1: 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn' is a bold experiment for 'Halo' and web video by Samit Sarkar

Microsoft is marketing Halo 4 as "the biggest entertainment event of 2012." Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the games live-action tie-in web series, is a major element of that marketing push.

It grew partly out of Microsoft's past live-action ads and webisodes for previous entries in the Halo franchise tantalizingly short vignettes - 30 seconds to two minutes long - that thrilled fans.


2: 'Old School RPG' reveals games's universe, theme and setting by Tracey Lien

The Kickstarter campaign launched by videogame developer Brenda Braithwaite, Tom Hall, and Braithwaites studio, Loot Drop, has revealed new details about the game they plan on making - Old School RPG - including information about the games theme, universe and setting.


3: 'Retro City Rampage' arrives on PS3, PS Vita and PC October 9th, other versions to follow by Tracey Lien

VBlanks Retro City Rampage will release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC, Steam, and GOG on October 9th in North America, with the WiiWare and Xbox LIVE Arcade versions expected later in the year, it was announced today on the official PlayStation Blogcast.


4: Watch this: PBS Off Book on why indie games are important by Aaron Souppouris

We're big fans of PBS Off Book, and the webseries' latest episode does nothing to change that. The Creativity of Indie Video Games looks at the processes involves in indie games development, contrasting them with big budget projects motivated by turning huge profits.


1: Borderlands 2 (Review) by crunchyflies

In Borderlands 2 the level of improvement done to the game is outstanding. Simple, boring AI may have plagued the original gamem but in Borderlands 2 the combat is fresh and enjoyable. The many different enemies you'll face throughout the game will have you changing your strategies on the fly, and at times calling in friends for help.

2: Why can't there be cross platform between Xbox and PC? by crunchyflies

It seems pretty simple since Microsoft owns the Xbox and the Windows OS. We already see cross platform achievements with the Games for Windows LIVE, why not take it one step further and let people with the PC version of MW3 play against the players on the Xbox version?

3: The Hobbyist: Game or Film Composition by Troffel

With advancements in software and PC's todat, it's possible to compose complete orchestral pieces without so much as a sweat. I've never really had any training or schooling in music, but can say that I have an ear for music. This has helped me quite a lot in my learning curve over the years.


Laser horse has laser vision.

That is all.
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