Why shouldn't (or should be) there be an ASUS Nexus 4 smartphone?

It seems the origin of the heavily-circulated rumor "five Nexus devices this year" is Google opening up the Nexus program to any Android manufacturer by meeting some requirements rather than Google picking them up.


And if the recent rumors of Google wanting a Nexus smartphones based on the Nexus 7 are true..


..wouldn't make sense if ASUS grabbed the chance to create something that is based on the device they manufacture themselves? Add to that, what is the non-Nexus phone that is close to being a Nexus phone today? I think it's the ASUS Padfone...


I know we're talking about rumors here, a lot of them. But if the rumors were true..

do you think it's a good idea for ASUS to manufacturer a Nexus smartphone for the 4"-screen crowd? I thought 4-inch because other manufacturers will probably out Nexuses in the 4"-5" range like the already rumored LG Optimus Nexus a 5-incher from HTC. There's market still for users who prefer smaller 4"-screen phones. If Google decided on a Nexus 10 tablet by ASUS. They, ASUS would be a win, win, win situation. Asus Nexus 4, Asus Nexus 7, Asus Nexus 10. What the hell I'm I talking about?