My Dream Windows 8 Machine -- Does it Exist?

I have a problem: I've been using the Windows 8 previews on my TouchSmart Desktop since day one, and it's got me really excited about Windows 8, despite my HP's lack of multi-touch and other driver issues. I'm ready to jump on a great piece of W8 hardware as soon as possible, but there's just one thing holding me back... that hardware doesn't exist.

My dream Windows 8 machine has the following four key factors:

  • 360 degree "yoga" style hinged design
  • 13" display
  • 1080p resolution
  • Wacom Stylus Support

All of these things exist independently. The Lenovo Yoga of course has the 360 degree hinge at 13", and the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro (or whatever it'll be called stateside) has my desired resolution and Wacom stylus. Is it too much to ask for a single device with all of these things? I'll even settle for less on each point: The Yoga's 900 line display is reasonably good, I'll accept a screen as small as the Ativ's 11.6", and I'd be okay with a non-Wacom active digitizer. I'd even be okay with the Ativ's transformer form factor if I could also dock it backwards... I really don't like the idea of having to put the keyboard off to the side just to lay the display down flat.

If Lenovo dropped a Wacom digitizer on top of the Yoga as it is today, I'd buy it on launch day. That's how bad I want this. We've also seen a Yoga competitor from Samsung, but there's no indication that it's even coming out, much less with the S Pen. (Also, a 768 line display is almost certainly a dealbreaker for me.) Is there any hope for my Windows 8 dream, or will I be forced to settle? Does anyone else out there share this dream with me?