Bringing Android features to the iPhone ..

tl;dr: SwiftKey equivalent, Direct File access, customizable Share Page, Change default Arabic font in iPhone. are these possible?


So I recently got an iPhone 5, and I am wondering ...

See, I used to have an iPhone 4, and I was very happy with it, until the Home Button, the On/Off Button, the Camera Lens were all broken, so I sold (for a bargain!!) and got myself a Galaxy Nexus . (This was in May). The plan was I would get the iPhone 5 when it comes out. That was my reasoning

  1. I wanted to actually try Android, instead of bashing it with no experience.
  2. The Galaxy Nexus, by all accounts, is the best Android has to offer.
  3. Even when I get the iPhone 5, I would still have the Nexus as a backup/Android testing device.
Well, frustrations with Android were many, including the fact the mp3 ringtones didn't loop (it is specific to the Nexus) .. but eventually I got settled into it and found replacements for my most used apps: Reddit, Twitter (bless Plume), etc. The only piece of software I bought was SwiftKey, which is miles better than the built-in keyboard. The reason for that was, well, it had a better dictionary for Arabic, because it uses my own usage to build it.
So when I returned to the iPhone, I had new frustrations with it. The experience is, generally speaking, definitely better. The Restore (from my iCloud backup) went much, much better than expected. Even my Messages were restored. Apps were no longer hidden where I will never use them. (I have a tendency to keep the desktop clean, so I only had three shortcuts and the other apps, like TuneIn radio, went unused. It is just a quirk of mine.)
Long story short: the iPhone's frustrations are as follows:
  1. iTunes. I need it to sync Music (it is all .. er .. ripped ;) ) and My albums, and any movies or files.
  2. Keyboard prediction/dictionary is miles ahead of Android's default, but way short of SwiftKey's
  3. I can no longer share to Whatsapp from any app .. gah !!
  4. Last, and honestly this is just me nitpicking, I like the Android Arabic font much better than the one Apple uses. This is the font in question: . It is free to use, but I have no idea how to use it.
Now, when the Jailbreak for the iPhone 5 hits eventually, I want to know if I can circumvent the above. I want to transfer Music, Movies, and Photos in and out of the device as I please, hopefully install a SwiftKey equivalent, and customize the share page.
Are these things doable, in the current state of jailbreakery?
I am almost certain Apple will get to 2 and 3 eventually. But 1 is a tough nut to crack.