Nexus Rumors I Hope Are True

Android and Me has released another round of Nexus rumors potentially shedding more light on what will be announced at the end of the month. If these pan out, we should see big changes coming to Android and an overall reimagining of the Nexus program.

Not unlike Play Store certification, the Nexus program will serve as a second tier of certification for OEMs that will grant them access to a host of new features and services. The phones will have to ship with a stock version of android, have the requisite hardware power to run Nexus games, and be able to support google wallet. Phones that meet that requirement will be granted access to a more robust play store that includes secure media streaming and games that only run on Nexus certified devices. These devices don't have to have Nexus in the name, so we could potentially see flagships joining the program. They would also be updated by Google, with OEM skins relegated to themes in the new customization center.

The customization center itself would enable users to change fonts, launchers, backgrounds, as well as apply Instagram-esque filters across the UI and templates that change the look of icons. Speaking of icons, they will be dynamic which could allow them to show more information at a glance without opening the app. That is something I've personally been looking forward to for a while. For example, the messaging icon might change to show the number of new texts you have.

They also mention Project Roadrunner, which should do for battery life what project butter did for fluidity. We've heard a lot of these before, but more details are being given. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they pan out.

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