Apple v Samsung. Apple won....will Google actually be the bigger winner?

Hey folks,

First off this post is not meant debate the Apple vs. Samsung trial. It's over..for now..and Apple won. Yes each side feels certain ways about it, but hey the jury decided and here we are now. The majority of Apple's patent disputes come from the OEMs skins not the Android OS itself. I know the Galaxy Nexus has been named in some new suit regarding universal search..but outside of that the issues remain to be linked to the OEM skins.

I feel this huge win for Apple actually has brought some unintended consequences which...don't really benefit Apple's mission of crippling features of Androids ecosystem, to try to move people to iOS.

Fragmentation on software has and will always be an issue for any OS, but unlike Microsoft and Apple, Google has not been able to control things like updates and user experience, which makes Android a lot more fragmented than all of its competitors. In addition, we saw last year with OEMs becoming a lot more libereal with their implementation of customizing the OS to the point developers have a feel day just trying to get regular apps to work with some tweaked version of Touchwiz. So then Apple sued and won..and here we are now.

OEMs like HTC have started to significantly back off of the amount of skinning they due to Sense. This can be seen in the new HTC One X+ Running Sense 4+. Effectively leaving most of the major software aspects to Google. Which many find to be an even better experience then the highly rated One X. But with all these new Nexus rumors popping up the one thing I see is that Apples win over Samsung could and probably will give Google a lot more leverage over the OEMs running Android than it ever had before. Effectively stopping, the craziness going on with the OEM skinning of Android software.

Microsoft sits around saying OEMs should come to Microsoft so you don't get sued. But what OEMs may start to realize is that if we just used stock Android, many of the software aspects of the lawsuit would no longer be an issue. So now comes Google, who can go to the OEM's with statements like, "We don't want what happened to Samsung to happen to anyone else..." So effectively OEMs leaves the task of avoiding Apple's software patents to Google. Something that they have effectively done very well. All OEMs will do is develop Apps, and Themes they could run on the stock software. So what's the difference? Apple can't sue you for some software thing, because The software is straight from Google. It's stock. Yes Apple, can sue about a theme or some app...thus putting a Ban on a touchwiz theme or App, which Samsung could say they offer for free anyway, so who cares.

I think Apples win, was a huge win for Android, which in turn has prompted Google to create a more robust Nexus program..offering choice, features, customization, but with the quality of software coming directly from Google untouched. If these rumors are true..I see many good things come out of this.