What makes a successful kickstarter game campaign?

I am wondering about this because the very first kickstarter project I decided to back looks like it won't hit its target.


In the case of that project, the video explanation did have some horrendously bad acting, so that could have been an issue, but I wonder if the biggest factor is having fans in high places.

The VAST majority of kickstarter projects I discovered were not browsed directly off their site, it was seeing those projects pop up on sites like the verge and plastered on the front page. That's how I found out about Ouya and project eternity and a myriad of other games that have vastly outperformed their target goal.

Nexus was a great game that basically NO ONE has ever heard of or played. Including the internet elites able to funnel traffic by becoming advocates.

Where would the tesla museum project be without the oatmeal guy promoting the project on his site?

I think to really make it you might have to convince a select few in high places that a project is worthy enough to be placed in front of the eyes of millions of people. And god help the project if its in a genre they don't care for, or worse, don't even know they would care for since they never played anything of its kind.

It's not over for nexus, but I will be sad it does not have the kind of support in high places and low. I can't discount the last as a factor, as I said in an earlier post, it's not a shooter, and the throngs of narrow minded kids/adults who only want to play what they know are LEGION.