Re: to The 10/4 Vergecast - Google Talk on iOS

On this week's Vergecast, the crew lamented over the lack of a great Google Talk solution on iOS. I would counter with IMO.

IMO is a multi-platform multi-chat-protocol service that is usable in any browser, as well as on iPhone - it even has a proper iPad app. While it has many other features, I honestly don't use it for anything besides Google Talk, but even so, I love it. I actually prefer it to the native Android solution as well, both because of the interface, and because it reliably keeps all my chats in-sync between Windows, OSX, iOS, and Android.

While I still lament the lack of a single platform agnostic messaging solution that works together with SMS ala iMessage, IMO fills a large part of that gap for me until that inevitably becomes a reality, since most of the people I communicate with daily are active Google Talk users. All I ask from a Google Talk client is that it be easy to use, it keep all of my chats in sync regardless of device, and it reliably delivers my messages to me on whatever device I'm using at the time - and IMO performs admirably in all those regards.