Will a LG NEXUS whoop the GALAXY S3s ass?!

LG Nexus is rumored to have, atleast on paper, some killer specs. In key areas it beats the Galaxy S3. A 1280x768 incell ips display with regular rgb matrix. No pentile display AKA the comicbook look. A High density battery with way better battery lifespan. And the biggest advantage of shipping with STOCK ANDROID 4.2!!! So what do we have so far. A beautiful screen, running beautiful software being juiced by a decent battery and of course helped by the powerful quadcore s4 pro processor. What dont we know?

Is the camera atleast as good as the iphone 4 camera? (Minimum requirement)

Are the speakers as crappy as all other Nexi?

And finally can the ubiquitous fisher price people not be suppliers for the design materials of this LG phone?

If these things are up to par, there lies only one question... does it whoop the GS3s ass?