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It's Saturday, October 6st and this is Weekend Polynauts Central here at Polygon on The Verge. Hurrah!

What's up everyone? It's the weekend, which means fun-time here at Polynauts Central! Not that the weekdays aren't fun, but the weekend is the weekend! This week, I'm actually planning ahead, and doing this the night before, so it's not cobbled together at 9am! So talk to each other!



1: Cooperatives, Episode 1: 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' by Chris Plante

Welcome to the first episode of Cooperatives, a video series in which Chris Plante (me) and Russ Frushtick (the bespectacled man) share our generally conflicting opinions on the latest games, hardware, or topics de jouer.


2: Gaming her brain by Mike Schiller

She'd been practicing. My daughter should have been able to breeze through that song. She pushed all the right buttons and she knew exactly when she was supposed to strum. Still, I kept waiting for the streaks to arrive, for that consecutive notes counter to go up, for a multiplier that accurately reflected her skill. Those things never came. Instead, every 10 or 15 notes or so, she would scrunch her shoulder to her ear and twist her neck. It was as if she had an itch that she just couldn't scratch.


3: 'Nights: Into Dreams HD' review: troubled sleep by Arthur Gies

Much like September’s release of Jet Set Radio HD, Nights HD isn’t just a faithful version of the original; it’s a sort of historical document that celebrates the game, warts and all. It even includes the elusive Christmas Nights, a special holiday release distributed through certain magazines and rental outlets for the holiday period of 1997. But Sega can't change the game that released more than 15 years ago. Nights occasionally captures the dreamlike gameplay magic it aspires to, but it feels more like the seed of a great game that just never blossomed into something that fulfilled that potential.


4: 'QWOP' creator argues for suffering, humiliation, and confusion in video games by Michael McWhertor

"When you suffer in a game, it makes failure matter," Foddy argued. "You're going to try harder." Foddy used Valve's Counter-Strike as an example of a game that illustrates that. When players are killed in a game of Counter-Strike, the penalty is boredom, forcing them to watch still-living players enjoy themselves.


5: 'Hitman: Absolution' Purist difficulty is user interface-free by Griffin McElroy

As difficulty moves from Easy to Expert, Agent 47's new tools of the trade will become more limited — namely, his new "Instinct" ability. This feature provides helpful information for the Agent during his mission, and lets him chart the path of patrolling enemies, but the resource used to activate Instinct becomes more limited in increased difficulties; as do the mission's user-generated checkpoints.


1: EB Games Expo 2012: Day 1 Impressions by Salias

I got back from the first day of EB Games Expo here in Sydney a couple hours ago. Long day! I think by the time you're all done reading this, I'll be labeled a cynic. Keep in mind, these are quick impressions of the games I sampled, because I am knackered and need sleep.

2: Why You Should Buy Dishonored by -Silver-

Dishonored is trying SO MANY new things. Halo is just more Halo. Pokemon is very much just more Pokemon. But Dishonored? It's AAA developers taking a stand and saying "No more clones. We're doing something different this time." And now it falls on us as gamers to support this movement. If we buy Dishonored, we're rewarding and encouraging creativity and innovation, and driving the medium of games forward.

3: Console gamer slowly converting to PC gamer! (Needs Recommendations) by TheeLazyKing

So I post to forum to get help from the PC vets to help out a PC noob. What great indie and main stream games do you recommend? If you have some good recommendations for a gaming mouse or other accessories post those as well.


David Pierce brings you the most recent '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


You do if you want to win.

Chaosbirdomaid (3 Recommends) on weapon usage in a Pokemon battle.

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