Is the Problem about Exclusivity or AT&T Store Employees / AT&T Network

Come Oct 4, AT & T announced exclusive deal with Nokia Lumia 920. All this while, I convinced myself that 32 GB is more than good enough for me and L920's goodness is more than anything else.

First Memory Card, then comes Carrier exclusivity!

So, the obvious solution is to switch from AT&T to Verizon. But, this is simply not possible as AT&T network sucks in my city. That would be like, I will have the best of phones which cannot even connect to network.

For people with good AT&T coverage, there lies an even bigger problem:

AT&T Store employees

Just visit any of their stores and it doesn't need a genius to figure this out. They just do not care about Lumia's or WP's. I recently visited a store of theirs in NY for getting a phone for my uncle, and store did not even have a working L900 on the selves. All that were there in the store were iPhone's and yeah a huge cache of Droid's.

Over and above this, Store employees were quick to point out that it doesn't have App's and camera is very bad, for anyone who seemed interested in L900.

It's known truth that AT&T, Nokia and MS are spending billions in advertising on WP, but the problem is, on shop floor everything fells flat!

In spite of all of these troubles, L900 selling 600,000 units is a pretty impressive number is what I believe!

Unless the ground realities improve ( Which I doubt because things cannot change overnight ), Nokia with this Carrier exclusivity feature, will go down more and more and I would like to ask Jesus, how on earth is Nokia thinking its gonna survive?

I would like to know what are your personnel gripes about AT & T as well.