Neil Gaiman's Bradbury Tribute

I just finished reading Something Wicked for the umpteenth time and it made me think of the Ray's passing a few months ago. I was surprised how hard it hit me. I am not typically an emotional person but I do love his stories and grew up with many of his dreams and nightmares.

I guess maybe having met the man a few times and heard him speak made it more personal. He was as unforgettable man in person as in word, if not more so.

Finishing the book caused me to think of this forum and I looked to see if anyone posted this here, not finding it in a post, I decided to drop it on the off chance someone was unaware. I am pretty sure it was posted in a different verge forum when Ray passed somewhere else on the site and made the rounds on the net so I apologize if most have seen it already. It's just so good, that I thought it was worthy of a place in the Book Club forum since we are booking about in here.

Gaiman is of course also dearly loved and this tribute to Ray made him even more so for me.

Neil Gaiman Bradbury Tribute

RIP Ray.