iControlPad 2 - The open source controller by Product 3 LLC

iControlPad is an open-source controller for mobile devices.


Snippet from Kickstarter:

"Help us make the worlds first open-source controller.

Quick Facts!
•Fully user programmable microcontroller, running open-source software
•55 key keyboard - Shoulder buttons -Twin analogue nubs - High-quality Dpad
•New swivel clamp for easier phone handling
•Works as a standard HID (keyboard, joystick, iCade etc) for anything with either bluetooth or USB connections (Mac, PC, Phones, Tablets, PS3 etc.)
•Lasts for 14 hours of active use on a single charge
•Working prototypes finished, ready for mass production now

•Will it work with the OUYA - Yes, it should work with the OUYA.

•Built to last - the price reflects the quality - it's an absolutely solid, ready for the road design.

•Distributors - buy a multipack and have excellent Christmas sales.

•If the project is a success we will document the ENTIRE production process on film - with regular video updates and visits to factories - see how we bring a product to life - ordering parts, negotiations, product assembly - everything - so if you have always wondered how it's done, or fancy making something yourself in the future, you will see how we do it."

Verge should cover this in an article, they ought to get support :)