What other phone has game console graphics besides the iPhone 5?

So people are blabbing about the GS3 beating the iPhone and putting it in the dust... Even thought in bench marks and personal tests by myself the 5 vs. GS3, And the 5 beats the GS3 and every way.. But the main thing i noticed about the 5 is the graphics... I am thinking that if the iPhone 5 is setting game console graphics on phones, I am afraid that the 360 which i love will be out of style since Apple set a new bar in gaming on mobile phones now. The graphics is totally amazing on the 5, my jaw almost dropped down.. for being on a phone and no sticking or lagging what so ever!

Tell me what you think about setting the bar on phone gaming? Do you think that since Apple set the bar on gaming on phones... Will the 360 or PS3 be out of style in a few years?