Phonelees: What phone to buy and more...

After yesterday's brick(and the Optimus Shrine), I will have to be phoneless for today as we go to malls on Sundays.

Phoneless geek? Yes, that's possible

Well, my music playing needs is fulfilled by my iPad and Mac-air. Texting and calling? mom's iPhone is here. Well, today was just like any other day, except for the checking of time in my phone

What to buy?

The phones I'm looking to ask dad for is the Galaxy S advance or Galaxy Y. My 4th grade schoolmate offered me a Galaxy Nexus for my birthday (December 1), but too long of a wait.

About the repairing: What to ask the LG store guy?

So, Here's another thing, What do I tell the LG store guy on the repairing of my phone?

P.S, This is what I call "multi-topic thread"