EB Games Expo 2012: Day 2 Impressions


Today was day two of the three-day expo (in reality: 2.5 day expo). We decided to wake up and leave a couple of hours later, as there really wasn't any impetus for us to get there right as the doors opened. As I said yesterday, my main goal was to hunt down Good Game, so that was the first 90 minutes or so there. While this reference will be lost on most of you, totally got a slow mo hug from Bajo. After that, it was hitting up the main exhibition hall to wrap up a few more games, then off to the indie section.



  • Aliens: Colonial Marines:
    Multiplayer was on showcase here. To my understanding it is essentially horde mode, with players playing the Marines while various types of aliens try to do unspeakable things to them.
  • Assassin's Creed 3:
    It plays similarly to AC2. I was actually disappointed by this, not because of anything wrong with the game itself, but because the demo was warships and colonial buildings. I really wanted to see how they did the whole trees thing.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2:
    Also known as "cod blops too". I'm not a big CoD fan/player. The multiplayer was on showcase and it really just felt like more CoD. First round was about capturing and holding objectives and the second round was team deathmatch. They were apparently giving out t-shirts, but ran out. Still got a 1GB USB thumb drive shaped like a dog tag (USB interface slides out).
  • Kinect Nat Geo TV:
    Yeah.. My wife was pretty much addicted to this game. She played a game nearly every time we passed the kiosk (there was never a line). It's a bunch of animal mini games revolving around moving around. Some examples: Rams fighting (flailing your arms in the direction of the ram) or head butting (doing that) and moving around to align yourself with jumping salmon for sweet sweet noms. The funny part is when you walk into view of the Kinect, it superimposes a bear head and bear paws on your head/limbs.
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting:
    Comes across as Sony's answer to Mario Kart. I wasn't particularly hooked by it, so meh. I do have like 5 or 6 sackboy keychains now.
  • Nintendoland:
    What I guess is the WiiU's WiiSports, this is a mini-game "theme park" with the mini-games based around Nintendo franchises. There's a mix between solo, competitive, and team based mini games and supports up to 5 players.
  • PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale (redux):
    After BreadKnight's commentary, I decided to give it a second go, to see if maybe I just had a few bad rounds. My opinion really hasn't changed, though. It just feels like a sub-standard Super Smash Bros. and I kinda think there's some issues with some of the characters' move sets. I'm not a fan and the roster is slim-pickings compared to its adversary. Although, Super Smash Bros. didn't have a huge roster in its first iteration, either.
  • Tomb Raider:
    I haven't really followed Tomb Raider since... maybe the PSX era? I've seen demos of later iterations, but Tomb Raider never exactly appealed to me. That said, has Tomb Raider been getting really cinematic in its more recent iterations? The demo felt like Female Uncharted. It felt heavily scripted and I almost want to summarise as "Lara Croft has a really crappy week" the game. There's a bow, though, rather than pew pew guns, so that's a plus.

Indie Games:

There was a specific tent where indie games, comics, and anime co-existed. This section will cover the former.

  • Blastpoints:
    An iOS/Android space shooter that's pretty fun. It'll be $2.99 at launch, although I'm guessing that's in AUD. Piloting is done with a digital joystick on the lower left hand of the screen, while the lower right hand area has your attack and special functions. Swiping in a direction does flips and barrel rolls.
  • escapeVektor:
    Apparently this is already WiiWare, but is coming out on 3DS and Vita. It's a neat little puzzle type game where you need to paint the lines of a level while the CPU (enemy) is trying to do you in.
  • Giant Robot Destroy Everything:
    This is an IOS/Android game in which your giant robot slowly walks right while enemies appear from the left. You draw a line (one allowed at a time) of energy to reflect enemy projectiles. Destroyed enemies leave energy behind that you collect with a tap. Energy is used to deploy powerups, which have various effects. There are various enemy types and each must be handled differently. The developers also plan to add more enemies and powerups before release. They're also working on developing a feature in which your robot destroys a city as the game progresses, so if you last a long time there's a massive city in ruins. It's a really fun pick-up game and I think the gameplay meshes great with mobile devices.
  • Grapple Knight:
    This game brought back memories of the 16-bit era. It's a platformer where you control a knight with a sword and a grappling hook. I guess it's kinda like a medieval 16-bit Bionic Commando. The website has a Unity web player version as well as an installer, I believe.
  • Protocol E:
    Aesthetically, this makes me think of the RTS lovechild of Tron and Vindicators. You have a "hero" tank and minions and essentially do battle against other groups. There's a public prototype on the website.
  • Spirit Hunters Inc.:
    From the same team that made escapeVektor. Spirit Hunters uses the DSi/3DS camera to create an augmented reality game in which you need to capture/defeat spirits. It'll be released on Nov. 22nd.
  • Triangle Man:
    A brain-bending platformer available now on Desura. I thought it wasn't that difficult, until I progressed a few levels in, where you start having to control multiple triangle men on a single level. The difficulty ramps up really quick. It's quite challenging and fun, but it can be frustrating in the sense of Super Meat Boy and other games like that. It does not forgive your mistakes.

Other than that, I really didn't do much else. The neat thing about this expo was that there was a "Community Hub" area in which there was a bunch of Lovesac bean bag chairs, a Wii (running Mario Kart), air hockey, a small pool table, two pinball machines, and a bunch of MAME arcade cabinets (both cocktail and standing). All free to play; It was a place to go relax. We spent a good amount of time in there throughout the day, just to relax. Tokyo Game Show, to my knowledge, never had this and it was a much welcome reprieve from the show; The beanbag chairs were extremely comfortable.

That's about it. There's another session tomorrow, but it's a half day and we didn't get tickets for it. Had we focused, we probably could have accomplished everything we wanted to do in one day, but it was nice to have two days to split up the gameplay sessions of Queue Simulator 2012.

Polynauts, if you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to hop in below, but for now I leave you with Sonic racing as Sonic.