One of the longest looks at the L920 so far [Video]

A preview of the 920 from [Youtube]

I don't understand french (at all), but I do suppose this video speaks for itself.

0:00 to 0:05 - A thorough examination (and I suppose, discussion) of the 920 aesthetics - weight, button layout, general aesthetics (i'm guessing.)

0:05 to 0:07 - Some use of the wireless charging accessories

0:07 to 0:09 - Rearranging/playing with the start screen and looking at the apps menu [with a flick through of the long-press task viewer, don't know if anything is said]

0:09 to 0:10 - A look at IE10 [with a real nice look at how text looks even when fully zoomed out]

0:10 to 0:11 - NFC business card used, showing some page associated with the NFC?

0:11 to end - Phone,People Hub, Photos, end.

-Anyone understand french want to give it a listen?-

thanks to mickbergeron! A french-to-english summary can be found in his comment; it's the second main comment.