Some ideas concerning The Verge-App

First of all, please excuse any possible english-failures. Sadly, I'm not a native-speaker.

Since the update of the Verge-App three or four days ago, I'm really in love with it and use it on a regular basis. Especially the integration into Googles' Holo Theme on Android is awesome! Nonetheless, there are two things which make it really difficult for me to thoroughly enjoy the app.

1) This is something I definitely want to see in the Android-app. I'm not sure, though, whether this would be possible on iOS. I'm always reading the Verge feed on Twitter, but when I tap on one of those typical short-links, it takes me to the mobile browser page. Why? Wouldn't it be possible to connect the Verge-App to links? Just like the YouTube-App on Android does it?

I normally wouldn't care about the mobile browser page, if it wasn't for the terrible video embedding on mobile devices sometimes...

2) If it wasn't for problem nr. two this post would have come into existence probably a few hours earlier. I love that now, with the updated version, we can finally read the forums but why is it that there is no way we can write forum posts via the app? Or at least provide us with the opportunity to safe some drafts on the go and publish them later on via the desktop-website.

Basically, that's it for my part! What do you think about the new app?


(btw, I'm not entirely sure that Meta is the apropriate forum for this. I just couldn't find anything that fit better...)